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What's in a name?

'Troc' in French means ‘swap’ and I have been swapping knowledge and know-how daily over the last 30 years consulting, training and connecting talents and projects between Australia my first home and France my second home.

 'Talk' is the bottom line in every successful project and that's what we value the most at Troc & Talk Events. You can count on us to do the talking and organise meeting new propects, connecting ideas, holding business conferences, seminars and workshops for you.

You've guessed it, my passion is mixing and matching talents and projects on the international stage. Above all it's about making sure every performance goes smoothly from start to finish. 

Why choose Lyons as a base? Simply because it's so much easier getting things done here and I'm sure it will work better for you too.

Last but not least I value cultural diversity because I believe "two cultures are better than one" for creative thinking and I'm sure you'll agree once you've seen how it has worked for us at Troc & Talk Events®

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