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launch the 2019 - 2020 season hosting centre-stage a few hand-picked French and Australian Business Ladies whose courage, determination and ... SMILES have never floundered.

This partnership is our tiny but honest contribution to support and encourage French and Australian Millenial startuppers in the creative arts and crafts to pursue their projects abroad or at home.

To us, AuRA is the ideal opportunity for TrocandTalkEvents clients, when travelling, to take time off from their business pursuits, relax, chat with our members and get the real taste of local talent.

There are more Australians than you think in Lyon even if very few admit to being permanent residents. Many are tourists, visiting for business, studies or leisure, thanks to Emirates and Lyon's relentlessly expanding international renown as the metropolitan hub of culture and fine food. Come and help us give them a taste of the real life here.

We are counting on you to back us up, for the sake of helping young talents make sure opportunity comes knocking at their door.

Sophie, Doumé, Laurent, Maxime, Lolita

Your founding team eager & willing to please all members and partners

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